Why choose a dentist who is a “MAGD?”

To attain the MAGD designation, a dentist must earn an added 600 hours of continuing education, and meet requirements in a set of dental disciplines, 400 of which require hands-on experience and training. The entire program involves 1,100 hours of continuing education. Dr. Chow, as an MAGD, has studied 16 dental disciplines, including periodontics, orthodontics, and implants, to name just a few. 

The Academy of General Dentistry – the Master Program 

Less than 2 percent of dentists in the USA have achieved the designation of Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. Only the most dedicated dental practitioners are willing to put in the time and energy  to achieve this advanced training. Dr. Chow is passionate about the art of dentistry, and when coupled with his holistic, whole-body approach, and gentle treatments, he is arguably the best holistic dentist in Thousand Oaks and beyond. 

Dr. Chow at ModelSmile – A Dedication to Advanced, Integrative Dentistry

Dr. Chow has dedicated his professional life to advancing the art of dentistry, and ensuring his patients have access to the latest advances in the field. Dentistry is an ever-advancing art, with new techniques and technologies developed each year. Dr. Chow is deeply committed to staying ahead of the curve so he can offer his patients the best treatments available. 

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Technologies at ModelSmile

Few dental offices are equipped with the advanced technology found at ModelSmile in Thousand Oaks. You deserve dental care delivered with the best of the technologies available in the USA. Dr. Chow has equipped ModelSmile with technology rarely found in a dental office, including:

  • Laser dentistry: The state-of-the-art laser system at ModelSmile can treat tooth decay, gum disease, and treat oral health issues with light energy. Dental treatments can be performed without injections or drilling, and Dr. Chow is one of the few dentists who offers this advanced, virtually pain-free treatment system.
  • PRF (platelet rich fibrin): Dr. Chow, as an integrative dentist, has equipped his office with a system to create PRF to trigger natural regeneration. The platelets in PRF contain growth factors that stimulate healing in damaged tissues, while triggering blood vessel production.
  • Zirconia implants: Zirconia is “bioinert.” The substance does not interact with other substances in the body or cause chemical reactions, does not migrate, or corrode.
  • Bone grafting: The bone in the jaw may need to be built up to support implants. Dr. Chow performs a range of bone grafting techniques, including ridge preservation, onlay bone grafting, and other bone grafting techniques with biologically safe materials.
  • Mercury filling removal: If you have amalgam fillings (silver in color), they contain mercury. Dr. Chow does not use toxic mercury in his practice and employs specialized  techniques to remove mercury fillings. When removing mercury fillings, they cannot just be drilled out, as the drill releases mercury vapor. Dr. Chow’s advanced process ensures that his patients and his staff are not exposed to these dangerous vapors.

Want the best in integrative, biological dentistry? Connect with ModelSmile and treatments from a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Albert Chow.

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