What is “Dental Cavitation?”

When a tooth has been extracted with poor technique, the patient could be left with an extraction site that has tiny remnants of tooth material, fibers, or other debris that triggers an infection deep within the tissues.

These dangerous infections can remain hidden, and unnoticed by the patient, as the nerve has been removed in the root canal procedure, or when a tooth was extracted, leaves no nerves to send a pain message in reaction to the inflammation and infection within the gum tissues. 

Will X-rays Reveal Dental Cavitations?

X-rays often do not reveal a dental cavitation. While you may not feel the infection, your body’s immune system is working overtime to fight off the infection, reducing its ability to fight other threats. To restore a healthy, functioning immune system may require treating a dental cavitation before it worsens.

What are the Dangers of Dental Cavitations?

Dental cavitations are a very significant danger to human health. Research reveals the dangers of these hidden infections. The same bacteria found in gum disease has been identified in heart disease, diabetes, and several types of cancers. While more research is needed, scientists agree that the mouth/body connection could be one of the most significant factors in overall wellness.

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Holistic Dentistry Explained by Dr. Albert Chow

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Meet Dr. Albert Chow at ModelSmile Dentistry

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Dr. Chow your Integrative Dentist in Thousand Oaks

Only a few dentists have devoted time and research into dental cavitation and developing the best treatments for chronic infections. Dr. Chow is one of the elite dental professionals who has focused on resolving this dangerous health issue. As an integrative dentist, Dr. Chow’s approach is to access and treat the infected area. His office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including advanced dental lasers. An infection left lingering, untreated in the jaw or gums can lead to what is termed “ischemic bone disease,” and other very serious health conditions.

Diagnosing Dental Cavitations

If a person appears to be suffering from a dental cavitation, a specialized diagnosis must be performed. While some infections are obvious, as they come with swelling, pain, and discomfort, others remain undetected for years, putting the body into a state of high stress. A special scan may need to be performed to identify any infected bone or tissue.

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Symptoms of Dental Cavitations

The symptoms of these dangerous infections can include:

  • Jaw pain, varying in intensity.
  • Swelling.
  • A sour or bitter taste.
  • Shooting pains from the jawbone.
  • Chronic sinus infections.
  • Facial pain
  • Headaches, migraines.

Biologically Safe Treatments for Dental Cavitations

At ModelSmile Dentistry, you can undergo diagnosis and treatment for dental cavitations. When these infections exist, your body is in a constant war to fight infections, stressing your immune system, often beyond its capacity. For a safe, holistic treatment approach to dental cavitation, contact ModelSmile Dentistry. We are equipped with state-of-the-art systems to treat and resolve these dangerous infections. 

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