Dr. Chow, a well-known practicing holistic dentist, takes preventive and effective measures to help with dental care for cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment to help keep their oral health boosted and maintained. When searching for a top-notch holistic dentist, Thousand Oaks is the destination where you will find Dr. Chow and ModelSmile Dentistry.

Dr. Chow and the entire staff at ModelSmile Dentistry practice special protocols when a patient is being treated for cancer. We know that maintaining oral health is extremely important during this critical time, as compromised immune systems can trigger other physical complications. We always check for any unusual oral conditions, including oral cancer, in order to detect and handle them as soon as possible.

Cancer Therapy and Possible Oral Complications

Patients who are undergoing radiation treatment to the head or neck can experience an increase in complications with their oral health. Chemotherapy can also lower a patient's immune system, exposing the patient to non-optimum oral difficulties, such as gum disease. Some complications include:

  • Often patients undergoing cancer treatment may have nutritional issues due to lack of appetite. Poor nutrition has an ever-widening detrimental effect on the whole body, including the mouth.
  • Infections caused by viral, bacterial and fungal agents, resulting from radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Reduced saliva flow resulting in dry mouth. This can lead to increased chances of dental decay, mouth infections or sores, and trouble with eating, swallowing or talking.

Aggressive cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, is toxic to both normal cells and cancer cells. This means that the healthy cells in the mouth can be compromised with cancer treatment. In addition, fungi and bacteria naturally exist in the body, including the mouth, but when the immune system is lowered, these elements can quickly become more hostile rather than helpful.

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Dental Treatment Before Cancer Treatment

Dr. Chow in Thousand Oaks can be instrumental in helping you if you are anticipating having cancer treatment. It's crucial that your oral health be at its most optimum, because cancer treatment can produce unpleasant or dangerous oral side effects. These become more susceptible or worsen when your oral health is substandard at the time you start cancer treatment.

If you will be undertaking cancer treatment in the near future, Dr. Chow can perform a thorough oral examination prior to starting. If any dental treatment is necessary, he will coordinate with you and your doctor. It may be possible to complete the dental treatment before starting any cancer treatment. This will greatly boost your oral health and provide a strengthened defense against a weakened immune system.

Dental Treatment During Cancer Treatment

It may be necessary to receive dental treatment while undergoing cancer therapy. Dr. Chow will be in communication with your oncologist to coordinate any dental care. If you are receiving radiation or chemotherapy, he will synchronize any needed dental work, especially with regard to any oral surgery or other invasive procedure. If Dr. Chow recommends antibiotics or other medication, this would be discussed with your oncologist first. It may be that certain procedures will need to be postponed until after your cancer treatment is completed.

Dental Treatment After Cancer Treatment

Any dental care received after cancer treatment would be coordinated with your oncologist, as would any dentistry before or during cancer treatment. Dr. Chow would check your hematologic status to be sure it's normal as well as any other condition that would affect dental treatment.

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Compassionate and Effective Dental Care

Rest assured that Dr. Chow and the entire staff take great care of all their patients, especially those undergoing cancer treatment. In addition to any pre-treatment oral care he is able to perform, we also instruct these patients in the various practices they need to carry out at home to keep their oral health at a high level.

As always, you can expect a very caring, compassionate and professional dental team in a calm and soothing environment when you come to ModelSmile Dentistry. You will experience comfort, understanding and gentle treatment. We know that these factors go hand in hand with creating a healthy and mindful defense against the possible negative side effects of cancer treatment. This is only a part of what makes Dr. Albert Chow in Thousand Oaks one of the best dentist to help perform dental care for cancer patients. You are in competent and caring hands at ModelSmile Dentistry.

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