Unlock Your Radiant Smile with KöR Whitening

Well, there's no reason you can't have them too. KöR Whitening is a top-level system for a brilliant smile. At ModelSmile Dentistry, we know how to help you regain that youthful smile with professional teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks.

What Causes Teeth To Become Yellow Or Dark?

There can be many reasons why teeth change from their very white color when young to yellow, dark and discolored. Aging is one. Teeth just naturally begin to lose their white color and luster as the years go by because the enamel thins and becomes more transparent. Dentin is the layer of tooth material underneath the enamel, which is naturally darker colored. This darker color begins to show through more as the enamel wears down.

Other factors that can cause teeth to change color are:

  • Coffee, tea, colas, dark berries and red wine
  • Tobacco products
  • Genetics
  • Certain medications, such as tetracycline
  • Prior dental work
    (i.e. root canal problems)
  • Fluoride in large amounts
  • Certain developmental disorders
  • Trauma to a tooth or teeth.
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Kör Whitening System

One of the best professional whitening systems today is KöR Whitening. The bleaching agent is superior in how deeply it is absorbed into the tooth. It enhances the tooth's ability to take in oxygen, which is what whitens the teeth. It's particularly effective for hard-to-remove stains, such as those caused by tetracycline (an antibiotic).

KöR is safe for teeth and gums, and you won't have to stop enjoying your tea, coffee or wine! KöR is also excellent in causing low to no sensitivity. There may be some discomfort for some people, but KöR's patented formula makes it possible for people with extremely sensitive teeth to benefit from teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks comfortably.


At ModelSmile Dentistry, the dental team has extensive experience in all facets of dental care, including teeth whitening. We consider all factors when it comes to oral health, not just the cosmetic result. We will go over with you all aspects of the teeth whitening procedure, including what to expect and the length of time involved.

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Whitening Procedure

Dr. Chow will take an impression of your teeth so that custom trays can be made. These tailored trays seal completely to make sure that saliva does not seep into them during the whitening process, as saliva will degrade whitening gel. The whitening gel is also kept refrigerated immediately after it's manufactured as well as during shipment to Dr. Chow's office. This maintains the integrity of the gel's potency. You will then wear your gel-filled trays at home during sleep for two weeks. After that, one or two office visits will put the finishing touch on your whitening procedure.

Dr. Chow will then instruct you on a once-a-month, easy maintenance program, which will keep your radiant smile permanent! You won't have to worry that your teeth will look unnaturally white. In fact, they will be naturally white, just as your real teeth would look if they had never become discolored. Your teeth will remain white for your lifetime if you perform regular maintenance after your initial treatment. You can be confident that the level of whitening you experience will be many shades whiter, giving you a brilliant smile.

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Stop Waiting Get A Radiant Smile Today

With our teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, yellow or discolored teeth will no longer stop you from enjoying life more. No longer will you have to hide your teeth when eating, talking, or smiling. Many patients can't thank Dr. Chow and his staff enough for helping them experience a higher quality of life and level of joy from his responsible aesthetic dentistry.

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