The condition can be so extreme that the root of the tooth may be visible above the gum line. Gum grafting is a customized procedure to restore healthy gums by grafting natural tissue, harvested from another part of your mouth, to restore the gums.

Gum grafting procedures

Gum grafting can be performed with several techniques. The right procedure for you will be determined after a thorough examination, and a discussion with you about what to expect in the procedure so you are fully educated. The types of gum grafting procedures include:

  • Connective tissue grafting: A small flap is opened on the top of the mouth, through which a section of the connective tissue can be harvested and then stitched to the gums to add lost height and volume.
  • Pedicle gum grafting: This approach involves harvesting tissue closer to the area of gum recession by creating a flap of tissue adjacent to the affected tooth, covering the area of the root that is exposed. This approach is not appropriate for all patients suffering gum recession, as it requires the patient to have adequate available gum tissue to perform the technique.
  • Free gingival grafting: This technique also involves creating an opening on the roof of the mouth but involves harvesting tissue from the top layer of the palate.
  • Regenerative gum treatments: At ModelSmile Dentistry, we offer advanced regenerative techniques for gum recession. Pinhole gum surgery involves the placement of a specialized tool into the tissue of the gums, creating a pinhole wound, and the gums then replaced against the tooth. The body has a natural healing capacity, and when it discovers a wounded area, it sends healing cells to the area. This treatment involves little discomfort, and minimal risk.
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Gum grafting: Why choose ModelSmile Dentistry?

If you have been advised that you need gum grafting, or you see that your gums are recessed, it is imperative that you seek help before the condition advances. Once the root on the tooth is exposed, it can lead to serious decay and the loss of a tooth that could have been saved. When you are treated at ModelSmile Dentistry, you will be under the care of a dentist who offers a rare level of training and experience. Dr. Chow has achieved the designation of “Master of the Academy of General Dentistry.” Only 2 percent of the dentists in the USA have taken this educational journey. 

Integrative dentistry and gum grafting

Dr. Chow is not only an MAGD, but a Certified Naturopath. His approach is to identify the factors that led to gum recession, and to assist his patients to experience improved oral health. His whole-body approach drives every facet of his responsible aesthetic dentistry. You can be confident that your treatment will be performed with precision, in comfort, and with biologically safe materials and processes.

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