The extensive training, education, and hands-on experience involved in achieving MAGD includes completing over 1,100 of specialized advanced training and passing a rigorous examination. 
At ModelSmile Dentistry, you gain access to the latest advances in the dental arts and innovative technologies rarely found in Woodland Hills or the rest of the LA area. 

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What is integrative dentistry, and why does it matter?

Integrative dentistry involves treating the mouth and teeth as an integrated facet of whole body wellness. The condition of your teeth and mouth impacts all other critical body systems. Many people in the Woodland Hills area have taken healthcare into their own hands and seek a practitioner who focuses on whole body wellness. Dr. Albert Chow is not only one of the most talented cosmetic dentists serving the area but is a Certified Naturopath. His practice has been built on personalized care and advanced dental care, performed to improve whole body wellness. 

Our scope of practice

At ModelSmile Dentistry, we offer a full range of dental services, including:

  • General dentistry: General dentistry includes regular teeth cleaning, dental bonding, crowns, bridges, and extractions. We deliver a full range of general dentistry treatments and serve patients of all ages with warmth and personalized care.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: Dr. Albert Chow is arguably among the most talented cosmetic dentists in the Woodland Hills area. All cosmetic procedures are performed with precision and artistry, and the safest, healthiest dental products.
  • Specialty dental treatments: At ModelSmile Dentistry, we deliver specialty dental treatments including removing mercury fillings, TMJ treatments, treatments for sleep apnea, and gentle, safe dental care for cancer patients.
  • Dental implants: Dr. Chow is experienced in implant dentistry, whether for a single tooth or to replace a full set with a sturdy, attractive set of teeth with a natural look, feel, and function. He offers Zirconia implants as these implants do not react with other substances, reflecting his holistic approach to dentistry.
  • Integrative dentistry: You can experience state-of-the-art advances in the dental arts, including injection and drill-free, painless laser dentistry, PRF (platelet rich fibrin), stem cells, and minimally invasive dental treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry at its best in Woodland Hills

Dr. Albert Chow is widely known as one of the most artistic, talented cosmetic dentists serving the Woodland Hills area. Imagine the most beautiful smile, created with precision and artistry, and the healthiest dental products, in an environment of education and empowerment. Your journey to a beautiful smile will be comfortable, and focused on you, as an individual. 

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Our technology at ModelSmile Dentistry

We are at the leading edge in the latest developments in dental technology, and one of the few practices that delivers laser dentistry with the Solea Laser. Imagine undergoing dental care without injections, and without drilling. The Solea Laser makes it possible to undergo treatment with zero anxiety, and excellent results. Laser dentistry is just one of the advanced treatment options available at ModelSmile Dentistry. You will find state-of-the-art technology, PRF [platelet rich fibrin], bone grafting, and stem cells.

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