Holistic Dentistry

Your teeth are the first thing that people notice about you. Not only do dental problems have a cosmetic impact, but they are also indicative of your health.

Tooth problems seldom have only to do with teeth. In fact, many medical practitioners believe that tooth-related illnesses are often a result of or are indicative of general poor health.  Treatment of dental conditions can be comprehensive and long-lasting, if we identify the root causes for the illnesses.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry seeks to provide focused dental treatment by addressing general, overall body health. By using body-friendly, biological medicinal alternatives, dentists address overall health concerns and through this treat tooth-related problems.

How do they do this?

Holistic dentistry is concerned with addressing dental illness at all levels, be they physical, psychological or emotional. When you first visit a holistic dentist, the doctor will spend time evaluating your overall physiological health, analyzing your psychological state and understanding your values, desires and needs.

After understanding more about you, he will create a treatment plan addressing both your dental health and general health.

Reasons to go holistic

  • It can treat your overall health

Mouth-to-body relationship is the key to any treatment designed by holistic dentists. Your dentist will not only check your teeth, but he will also analyze your body’s toxicity levels, check your nutrition and sleep patterns and prescribe treatments that will completely detoxify your body.

  • It uses only biocompatible materials

Traditional dentistry uses pharmaceutical medications and materials which aren’t good for your overall health. Many of the fillings used are made of either mercury or amalgam, which are highly toxic.

The alternative, body-friendly, plant-based medication used in holistic dentistry is better placed to treat your condition, by keeping you safe and making you look young and beautiful.

  • The materials used do not cause allergies

In traditional dentistry, the dentist seldom does a patch test to see whether the medication he’s prescribed is suitable for your sensitive skin and teeth or not. So, there is a high chance that you may have an adverse reaction to the medication.

In holistic dentistry, the dentist will always check whether the medication is compatible with your body or not; and he will then chart the treatment plan.

  • Treatments are mercury-free, amalgam-free and fluoride-free

Mercury is a highly toxic chemical, which can lead to the development of a host of medical conditions including skin rashes, hearing loss and blindness.  Amalgam, an alloy of mercury can also cause severe physiological and psychological harm. Both of these chemicals are classified as neurotoxins.

Most of the fillings and materials used in traditional dentistry are made of mercury and amalgam. This can be quite dangerous for patients in the long run. However, in holistic dentistry, the fillings and materials used are completely mercury-free and amalgam-free. Only plant-based, safe biocompatible products are used for treatments. Your holistic dentist will go the extra mile to remove old amalgam fillings safely, ensuring that no chemical enters your body in the process.

Holistic dentists are also against the ingestion of fluoride. Excessive ingestion of fluoride can cause conditions like low IQ, bone density problems, thyroid problems and Fluorosis. You can be sure that your dentist will never recommend any medication or toothpaste which contains fluoride.

  • Most of the procedures are non-surgical and minimally-invasive

The ‘drill and fill’ strategy of traditional dentistry is avoided in holistic dentistry. Here, dentists seek to provide treatments that cause the least pain and inconvenience to patients. Treatments like air abrasion for teeth restoration, ozone therapy for gum disease, laser therapy and CAD/CAM-designed treatments are used to personalize care for each patient.

  • It is proven science

Holistic dentistry has shown definitive results. Take periodontitis (gum infection) and diabetes for example. For long, doctors were baffled as to why people with gum disease often also had diabetes. It was only later they realized that the bacterial infection caused due to periodontitis led to an inflammation which prevented the body from efficiently utilizing insulin.

Now, doctors know that managing one health condition will significantly reduce the chances of developing the other.

Visit our LA Holistic Dentistry Clinic for Treatment

Dr. Albert Chow has extensive experience in the field of holistic dentistry. His knowledge, experience, and artistry will ensure that you have beautiful, natural-looking teeth. Dr. Chow is a highly-empathetic individual and he will spend time with you to understand your concerns and your requirements.

Feel free to visit him for treatment at his clinic in Thousand Oaks. We look forward to working with you.

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